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WinterPaws: Blowing Rock’s “Maddie” Takes Best In Show

Maddie, Best In Show

By David Rogers. January 30, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Germany and Sweden have undoubtedly collaborated on a lot things over the years, but Blowing Rock’s Graham family may well have put the science of combinative DNA over the top with their introduction of “Maddie” to the canine world at Sunday’s WinterPaws annual dog show, the culiminating event of Winterfest 2017.

The 4-month old Maddie not only took top honors as the Most Unique Looking Mix of Breeds at the the High Country iconoclast dog show, but then went on to take top honors as “Best In Show.”  The Grahams explained that their new family pooch is a mix of Dachshund (native to Germany) and Bernese Mountain Dog (Switzerland).

Ben Henderson and “Izzy”

With its low-flung loonnnngggg profile, the Dachshund — also nicknamed the “Weenie Dog” — was originally developed to scent, chase and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals. A full grown “standard” dachshund, according to American Kennel Club documents, is about 16 pounds.  American satirist H.L. Mencken once described the dachshund as “…half a dog in height and a dog and half in length.”

The Bernese Mountain Dog traces its ancestry back to mastiff-type doges of Roman times and when fully grown weigh in at 75-110 lbs.  Whether Maddie’s mother was a dachshund or a Bernese Mountain Dog, we can only chuckle at the courtship that produced Maddie.

Who’s afraid of a big bad Roof?

Over 50 dogs were on display in six different categories, and of course there were smiles, laughter and clapping aplenty as the hounds and their humans were put through their paces.  None of the categories are likely to show up in Westminister’s competition any time soon, but Blowing Rock’s winners (with owners per the registration forms) were:

  • Best Wiggle Butt — Won by “Yuba”. Owner: Christiana Wile, Boone
  • Best Winter Fashion Wear — Won by “Critter”. Owner: Chelsey Shore, Banner Elk
  • Most Unique Looking Mix of Breeds — Won by “Maddie”. Owner: Kent Graham, Blowing Rock
  • Most Clever Dog Trick — Won by “Darcy”. Owner: Sarah and Frank McLane, Blowing Rock
  • Cutest Looking Dog In The World — Won by “Otis”. Owner: Kate Bonner, Millers Creek
  • Most Crooked Smile — Won by “McKinley”. Owner: David Liddle, Banner Elk
  • BEST IN SHOW: “Maddie”

WinterPaws is hosted by Watauga Humane Society, both as a fundraiser and to raise awareness of animal abuse and adoption opportunities.

SLIDESHOW By David Rogers for Blowing Rock News



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