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WINTERFEST! 2020: Fun with captions

By David Rogers. January 25, 2020. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Mother Nature may have been sending mixed signals when it comes to the winter weather she dialed up for Blowing Rock’s Winterfest! 2020 but, as usual, she didn’t dial back the fun.

COVER IMAGE: If you think the plunger’s eyes are wide now, just wait for another second! All photographic image by Bill Barbour for Blowing Rock News

Blowing Rock News cameras got around to a few events on Saturday, starting with the usual annual venue for both courage and hilarity — the Polar Plunge off the docks below the Manor House at Chetola Lake.


GUY ON THE RIGHT: “I’m sure glad I wore these socks!” GUY ON THE LEFT: “Hey! Come back here! You stole my socks!”
“It says in the Guide to Best Polar Plunging that you get style points for degree of difficulty. Now if I can just make this flip 360 degrees before landing on my head…”
“I love you honey, but next you ask me to cross-dress, could we do it at one of those fetish clubs in NYC? And, by the way, I don’t think Cosmopolitan magazine had my belly button in mind when they suggested pink hair for this…”
“Well, John, thanks for asking me for a couple of soundbites for your Winterfest podcast. As you can tell by the bright sun reflecting off of my shoulders it is actually quite balmy today. Do you think they’d let me take another plunge?”
It MIGHT be Nascar’s Kyle Busch taking on the responsibility of lead jumper but, then again, are they allowing stick shifts on racing’s top stock car circuit these days?”
This guy is either bragging about being crazy, er, courageous enough to do this at his age — or he is giving notice to the paramedics that his heart rate is about to increase 60 beats a minute, from 65 to 125.. Please stand by…
“You guys do it your way, but I’m giving it the ol’ full frontal…”
“Yeah, Mom, I think I am going to need my curling iron.”
“Now Millie, don’t go away mad just because I wouldn’t let you do the Polar Plunge. You know what that algae in the water does to your complexion. Yes, I suppose that you COULD tell them you are a snow lady from Mars, but as I recall they have already concluded that there is no snow on The Red Planet….
Now here’s a load of heartburn if I ever saw one…

Those little dogs entered in the “doggy keg pull” were breathing a sign of relief when they saw what they would be tugging down the raceway.

“I gotta get out of here. That looks like a firecracker fuse coming out of the top of that thing!”


Ok, buddy. I gave you a head start. Now you are toast!


“Have you checked the score? Remember, if App State men’s basketball beats Coastal Carolina today, YOU have to get down on your hands and knees, pretend you are a dog, and pull that thing yourself! THAT was the bet!”
“No, I’m carving out a Rembrandt of an ice sculpture. I am NOT making snow!”







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