WASU, APPTV take interest in WinterPaws this year

WASU, APPTV take interest in WinterPaws this year
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By David Rogers. February 2, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — In and amongst the big crowd of canines and their human best friends at the 8th annual WinterPaws event this year, the cameras were rolling.  Not just the iPhones and Androids and Nikons and Canons, but a student news team representing Appalachian State University’s WASU radio and AppTV.

Cute hat!

Braxton Critcher was the face in front of the camera, the on-screen personality when the lens wasn’t pointed at the “stars” of the segment (the dogs strutting their stuff). Faith Hatton was behind the camera, catching the action.

“Obviously,” Critcher told Blowing Rock News afterwards, “this is all part of our learning experience, but it is also a terrific opportunity for us to get engaged with the community.  These experiential learning opportunities, opportunities to be television journalists telling a story by covering these events is a major part of our education.

“This year we may be covering WinterPaws,” Critcher added, “but maybe next year or the year after we might be on the scene of a crime, a fire, an accident or a sports event in a more urban setting. Maybe we will be war correspondents in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our futures as broadcast journalists…well, that is uncharted territory, but those futures begin here, covering local events in our area. We are thankful for the opportunities and training that App State provides us, and it is so fulfilling to be able to cover events like WinterPaws that support such a worthy cause in the form of the Watauga Humane Society.”

Below is a “rough cut” of Critcher’s interview with Humane Society board member and fundraiser, Blowing Rock resident Alice Roess.

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