Unintended Consequences: Hydraulic failure causes Main Street traffic jam

Unintended Consequences: Hydraulic failure causes Main Street traffic jam
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By David Rogers. July 20, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Maple Street in downtown Blowing Rock probably saw more traffic than in its entire history on Thursday. A late afternoon hydraulic failure as an asphalt paving machine was being unloaded required unhooking a low-boy trailer from the truck pulling it, right on Main Street in front of Town Hall.

Traffic was detoured in all directions as the construction crew scrambled to get things fixed and Main Street cleared. Blowing Rock Police responded quickly to redirect traffic.

Said one bystander, “I feel for this construction crew because nobody ever intends for this sort of thing to happen. Mechanical things sometimes break down, defying the best-laid plans. Those guys understand the problems created by blocking Main Street on a busy summer afternoon as we approach the weekend. Anyone can see that they are working extra hard to get this cleared. That’s a big, heavy machine. You can’t just pick it up and move it onto the sidewalk to clear the road.”

Blowing Rock News learned that the heavy road construction equipment was brought downtown to repave the parking lot at First Citizens Bank.

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