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RAISE THE ROOF! Trimble (of Blowing Rock School) Named Watauga County Teacher Of The Year

Principal Patrick Sukow, center, explains to the Blowing Rock School student body the significance of Trimble’s receiving the award.

By David Rogers. May 13, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — After going on field trips with her 4th grade class, celebrating a birthday earlier in the week, and planning to graduate with a Master’s degree from Appalachian State at midday on Friday, Martha Trimble’s week has already been “big.”  Early this morning, it got even bigger.

COVER IMAGE: Blowing Rock School’s Martha Trimble gets a big surprise from Watauga County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Elliott as she was named WCS “Teacher of the Year” for 2015-16. All photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News.

Trimble received “Watauga County Teacher of the Year” honors in front of a gymnasium full of students, faculty, staff, and Watauga County Schools administrators — as well as her parents — at Blowing Rock School.

She admitted to having no idea as to why a school-wide assembly was called for 8:00 am on a Friday, and just a half-hour before she began preparations to take her 4th grade class to App State to watch her graduate with her Master’s degree in middle school education.

It is all of us, working together.

Trimble, center, poses with (l-r) Dr. Scott Elliott; NC Teacher of the Year Keana Triplett; 2015 WCS Teacher of the Year Allison Sparks; and WCS Asst. Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Martin

With a huge smile on her face after she accepted the award, Trimble was quick to defer praise. “Of course I am greatly honored, first of all,” she admitted to Blowing Rock News, but quickly added, “But it is not just me. It is all of us (faculty and staff at Blowing Rock School), working together…With our faculty, I think I know all of them and I think I can represent all of them. They are all so terrific.

“This is 100% a recognition of the entire Blowing Rock faculty and staff,” she said. “I could not do any of this on my own.”

That she is a beloved member of the Blowing Rock School faculty was obvious, as the entire student body (enrollment: 355) was on hand and broke into raucous applause, chants and cheers as WCS Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Elliott, Blowing Rock School Principal Patrick Sukow, Board Member Ron Henries, and Assistant Superintendent Stephen Martin all took the turns in bestowing high praise on Trimble.

The gym was packed with the entire student body of 355

Martin REALLY got the students a-rockin’ when he singled out the 4th grade class and got them to do a favorite Trimble “cheer” routine she calls, “Raise the Roof!”

This is big.

“Ms. Trimble is a great example for all of us,” Dr. Elliott told the assembled students. “She is representative of the great teachers we have that make Watauga County Schools and Blowing Rock School so special.

“And,” he said as he panned the student body, “one thing is particularly true that this proves, Ms. Trimble loves you guys more than anything.”

Dr. Martin added, “Ms. Trimble would be the first to say that she is proud of all of you.”

In addition to announcing Trimble as the 2016 “Teacher Of The Year” award recipient for Watauga County, Dr. Elliott also introduced 2015 WCS Teacher of the Year Allison Sparks and North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Keana Triplett, of Ashe County.

Sukow told the students, “This is big. It is big for Ms. Trimble, but it is also really big for the school and for all of you.”


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