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Blowing Rock News specializes in offering businesses unique, comprehensive, and effective solutions for promoting their products and services.  Our solutions include:

  • Display advertising
  • Direct Response advertising
  • Discovery advertising
  • Special promotions and consulting
  • “Gold Star” bundles
  • Underwritten Content

Please call 828-414-9750 or email editor@blowingrocknews.com to arrange for an appointment and to learn more about our solutions. Our first objective is to understand your business and evaluate with you which combination of solutions is the most appropriate for your enterprise’s needs, objectives and budget.

Because we are digital-only, our gross margins are significantly higher than our print competitors. We pass on a significant portion of our savings, even while delivering greater exposure – and value — to the markets you target with us.

We accept all forms of payment, including electronic payments for credit and debit cards, as well as ACH transactions for checking accounts using Intuit secure payment processing. We offer discounts on lump sum payments for the full contract, but standardized rates apply to automatic billing and collections.