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SNAPSHOT: Take Heart taken, to be rebuilt

By David Rogers. October 27, 2020. BLOWING ROCK, NC — A tiny, but impactful bit of Blowing Rock history fell victim to time, change, and circumstance on Tuesday, just as a new day’s sun poked over the eastern horizon.

COVER IMAGE: The iconic “Prayer Tree” (right) is spared as the Bobcat track hoe tears down the southern wall of 1009 Main Street, Blowing Rock. All photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News

The acrid, pungent smell of scorched wood and fabric, freshly stirred by the ripping and tearing of a Bobcat track hoe wafted into the nostrils of more than a dozen bystanders. Some were trying to capture an image of the demolition on smartphones and cameras. Others looked on sadly, clinging to memories of the building’s happier days as a popular retail store.

Take Heart, a gift shop and boutique owned by Sheri Furman at 1009 Main Street, was consumed by fire on June 26, 2019. An insurance settlement has not yet been finalized, but Furman is moving ahead with reconstruction “on faith,” she told Blowing Rock News.

The 1009 Main Street building saw plenty of history during its lifetime in the center of the village. Historical records reviewed by Blowing Rock News report that it served as the village’s original Town Hall as well as the original Chamber of Commerce. It was also one of the few structures to survive the 1923 fire that destroyed most of the buildings on the east side of Main Street.

VPC Builders of Blowing Rock is overseeing the demolition and reconstruction project.



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