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SNAPSHOT: Hometown Harvest Supper Nurtures Community Smiles

There was plenty of food left over — but not this carved up turkey prepped for serving by Susan Graham!

By David Rogers. November 12, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Thoughts of community were never more prevalent than Sunday evening at Blowing Rock School, where an estimated 250 local residents gathered for the 10th annual Hometown Harvest Supper.

Hosted and organized by the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce, Blowing Rock Historical Society, Blowing Rock Fire & Rescue, and The Rotary Club of Blowing Rock, Hometown Harvest Supper is proof positive that autumn in the High Country is about more than football. In Blowing Rock, it is also about food and fellowship.

Mayor J.B. Lawrence opened the event with a warm greeting that offset the chilly evening outside the school gymnasium. Referring to the recent election, he graciously said, “Folks, I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Blowing Rock for allowing me to be your public servant for 28 years.”

J.B. Lawrence addresses crowd

Eight years of Lawrence’s service was after being elected to the Board of Commissioners, but then he extended his service by being successively elected the past 20 years as Mayor. With a nod to the man who unseated him in last week’s municipal election, Lawrence said, “I wish Charlie Sellers all the best because when all is said and done it is about doing what is best for Blowing Rock.”

Lawrence yielded the floor and microphone to Loni Miller of the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce. Miller explained to the crowd that the Chamber’s most recent Leadership Challenge class was holding a silent auction to raise money for renovations to the Parks & Recreation facility benefiting kids.  “Remember it is for a good cause, so bid high!” Miller encouraged.

Rev. Kathy Beach asked everyone in the crowd to either join hands “or grab a shoulder” to establish connectivity among the crowd.

Blowing Rock Historical Society president Rita White introduced Rev. Kathy Beach, pastor at Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church, who offered the invocation and blessing.

After the food and fellowship, members of the Blowing Rock Fire Department were called on an emergency, so dozens of local residents pitched in for cleanup, including dismantling and transporting the tables and chairs. Within roughly 15 minutes, one local businessman quipped, “Golly, you almost wouldn’t think anything of consequence had happened here, it got cleaned up so quick!”


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