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SLIDESHOWS of “Things Hot”: Pancake Breakfast, Winterfest Chili Cookoff, Little Miss Winterfest in Blowing Rock

By David Rogers. January 24, 2015. BLOWING ROCK, NC — It may have been chilly outside, but there was HOT HOT HOT stuff going on inside Saturday for the 2015 edition of Winterfest.

DSC_7128We didn’t get pictures, but when we stopped by the Blowing Rock Market late in the afternoon on Saturday, the staff was just cleaning up for arguably the Market’s most successful oyster roast.  Owner David Barker shared with Blowing Rock News that in the two hours of the event they sold over 2,000 oysters. “It was just me and one other guy shucking the oysters,” Mr. Barker said. “I’m tired and my hands are tired, but it was a really great day at the Market. A lot of folks came to our wine-tasting event, we sold a lot of bottles of wine, and we sold a lot of other merchandise, too. There was a high energy level around the folks in town for Winterfest this year and a lot of enthusiasm!”

DSC_6207For Blowing Rock News, the day started with a visit to Foggy Rock Eatery & Pub for the official Winterfest pancake breakfast. If you have never had executive chef Burt Myers’ pancakes, you surely suffer from culinary deprivation because they are Wonderful — golden brown and yes, that was intentionally said with a capital “W.” Served with bacon or sausage with your generous portion of flapjacks — for only $5 — it was the perfect way to start the day.

You can only take so many pictures of pancakes, but here are a few:

That’s Mark from Woodlands. We’re not sure if he has named his pet pig!

Midday, we stopped by the Chilly Chili Cookoff and there was nothing “frozen” about it. Some aromatic delectables to be sampled. We weren’t around for the judges decisions, but our vote goes to Woodlands for a lip-smackin’ taste treat. Our only problem was finding some ice cream to cool things off, but we took care of that up on Main Street, stopping in the basement of Sunset Tees & Hattery for some Blue Bell vanilla — with chocolate syrup, of course!

DSC_7206If sizzlin’ hot pancakes and palate fryin’ chili aren’t what you had in mind for “hot”, you could have stopped by Meadowbrook Inn & Suites for the Little Miss Winterfest pageant.

We couldn’t stay for the results, but hope to have another story detailing the trophy and tiara winners. Meanhwile, there were plenty of warming smiles among the several contestants, from toddler to teen.  A couple of revelations: the younger girls were nearly unanimous in revealing their favorite TV show to be Mickey Mouse Club something or other, while “Frozen” was the movie of choice among the older girls, even for some that you would have thought outgrew it!  Of course, this year’s pageant theme was “Frozen”, so maybe the event organizers know something that we don’t!

Lots of slides here —





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