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Shooting Stars: Visual Arts Showcase Makes Big Impression

By Avil Huipe

By David Rogers. April 29, 2017. BOONE, NC — Not lost amid the glitz and glamour of Friday evening’s Shooting Stars talent showcase was the Visual Arts section of the event.  Each finalist was introduced via video to see their submissions, as well as to hear the students articulate the importance of art to their respective lives.  Groups of artists were introduced alternately between groups of performing artists.   After each video was played, then each group of visual artists was paraded onto the stage for their well-deserved recognition.

COVER IMAGE: By Emma Schneider. All photos courtesy of Watauga Education Foundation

By Deanna Indicott (above)

Ranging in age from kindergarten and second graders to high school seniors, the Visual Arts finalists represented a number of different medium but all displayed — and articulated — their creativity.

By James Furman (below)

By Megan May

By Faith Giles

By Abigail Leon

By Ella Irving

By Iris Westerman

By Peyton Walton

By Sarah Scheurer

By Lena Miller

By MacKenzie Norris

By Makayla Barnes

By Sadye Ann Hicks

By Luey Walker

By Owen Young

By Ryker Otto

By Sullivan Trexler

By Harley Dempsey

By Aubry Spaulding

By Charlotte Lawrene

By Ash Valentina

By Amanda Maya Verling

By Haleigh Peele

By Jaxson Marsh

By Katrina Grant

By Holly Ward

By Madi Trippe

By Madeline Powell

By Tilli Maxwell


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