RIBBON-CUTTING: Redefining redesign at reFresh Your Space

RIBBON-CUTTING: Redefining redesign at reFresh Your Space
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By Taylor Welsh. February 26, 2018. BOONE, NC— As a child growing up next to the furniture capital of the world—High Point— Eric Reeves quickly found his calling in life, interior design. Just last week, Reeves gave the real estate market in the High Country a new and improved way to help those attempting to resell their space/house through professional home staging and redesign after cutting the ribbon to his new store, reFresh Your Space, located in Boone.

As a certified professional home stager, Reeves underwent among the most intensive 21 days of training in the industry.  He received an interior design degree from the University of Chicago after graduating from Appalachian State in 1991. Reeves wanted to come back to his college town and provide a service that makes the real estate process faster and more profitable, even while taking the stress out of the sellers’ hands.

“When we stage, we are wanting to maximize the perceived value of the home because people form an emotional connection to houses or office spaces and, in that case, they are willing to pay a little more for the home and it’ll sell faster,” Reeves said during his ribbon cutting ceremony. “That’s our goal.”

We didn’t move any walls or anything, but did what we would do for any space: spice it up and maximize the space.

At reFresh Your Space, Reeves said they offer two types of consultation, the first being a walk-through consultation in which he walks around the property with owner, gives suggestions and answers questions as to what could help sell the space. Discussing issues from clutter to painting and other minor improvements, Reeves said they can do just about anything except knock down walls or conduct any architecture or contractor duties.

After the walk-through consultation, Reeves said he allows the owner to choose whether they want to take on the challenges of remodeling or redesigning their space, hiring a contractor if their needs are structural repairs or hire reFresh Your Space to get the job done.

The second type of consultation is a full home-staging report, similar to a home inspection. During this consultation, Reeves said they go in, take a ton of pictures and, on average, compile a 20-page report.

“We are also here to educate realtors, to let them know that one, we are here to help them sell faster and two, why they need our help,” Reeves said.

Redesigning is another service reFresh Your Space offers. Reeves said every time he conducts a consultation they are “writing the story in the buyer’s minds of what they aspire to by owning your home, by maximizing the perceived value of the space.”

After running his business through his garage for the initial stages, Reeves moved into his first office — and is able to show off his expertise in remodeling and redesigning with the opening of reFresh Your Space.

“Our new office is the same office layout as before we moved in,” he noted.  “We didn’t move any walls or anything, but we did what we would do for any space: spice it up and maximize the space.”

After completing the remodeling project of his new office space, Reeves said the owner of the building jokingly looked at him and said, “’Man, I am going to have to charge you more for rent now!’ Ironically, that’s our goal as a home staging and redesign business.”

Reeves said hearing this brought back memories of his childhood, where the passion for design all started.

Growing up in Winston-Salem, next to High Point—the furniture capital of the world—was one of the reasons why he had such a strong passion for design, but what was even more powerful wasn’t tangible.

“I have always had the passion for design my entire life,” Reeves said. “People that have a passion for design are said to have always rearranged their rooms when they were little or turning things around in the home. I believe that’s why I am always happy designing and it just grew from when I was a kid to opening up my own business in a town I love.”

Along with starting his own home-staging and redesign business, Reeves is also a real estate broker, working in one of the highest producing offices in the High Country. Reeves added that this experience allows him to lend his expertise in the recent real estate trends, which enables him to know how to highlight the best features and aspects of any home in a timely and fashionable manner while drawing the eye away from the negative aspects of any space.

“Each space is different,” Reeves acknowledged, “but when we go into the home and look around, we know what the potential buyers are wanting to see and what atmosphere we want to convey so the owner is happy when selling the property and the prospective buyer will see the space as more than a house, but rather a home they can envision themselves in.

“When we stage or redesign, our mindset is that it’s not what [the current seller] likes,” he added.  “It’s what your potential buyer might like. We know that if the space is for a family, bachelor, etc. we will stage the house to appeal to that demographic.”

For more information on home staging or to schedule an interview, call Reeves at 828-351-7215 or visit the new office at 1064 Meadowview Drive in Boone.

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