PODCAST: Sid Roth entertains and inspires Blowing Rock Men’s Connection audience

PODCAST: Sid Roth entertains and inspires Blowing Rock Men’s Connection audience
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By David Rogers. July 10, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Once a salesman, always a salesman — only now Sid Roth is selling people on Christianity and the intimacy of a relationship with God.

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Talking about the supernatural makes many people uncomfortable, but not Roth. While treasuring his roots as a traditional Jew, Roth enjoys a passion for something more.

“The purpose of living is not to die and go to heaven,” Roth told a packed house on Tuesday in the Evergreen Room of Chetola Mountain Resort in Blowing Rock. “This is eternal life — that you might have experiential knowledge of God.”

Chip Cash a frequent “teacher” and discussion leader for the Men’s Connection, introduced Roth to the crowd.

Roth was the annual guest speaker for Blowing Rock’s Men’s Connection weekly Bible study and prayer group, which meets weekly each Tuesday at 7:15 am, at Chetola. Jim Steele is a founding member of the Men’s Connection, and while greeting the guests on hand for Roth’s message recalled, “This is a special group of men. We started out some 10 years ago with six of us and the word spread. Today, depending on the season, we may have 40, 50, 60 men at our meetings. Men often have a difficult time in sharing what is on their hearts, but we share not only what is on our hearts but also pray for others’ healing. I know that many of the women in this room have been lifted up to God by our group in prayer, to be healed.”

Chip Cash introduced Roth to the more than 150 people in attendance.

“Sid has been doing this for more than 40 years,” Cash noted. “That is a tremendous accomplishment to have been in ministry for 40 years. He founded ‘It’s Supernatural Network,’ for which he has a digital ministry that, frankly, reaches all over the world. Recently they acquired the Middle East Television Network, which reaches many countries in the Middle East, including every single household in Israel that has a television. In addition to that, he has written a book called, ‘They Thought for Themselves,’ a collection of Jewish stories and testimonies translated into nine languages.  3.1 million copies have been printed. In our (digital) day and age that might seem like small numbers, but in book printing that is a huge number.

Jim Steele was expressive in welcoming the Men’s Connection members, spouses, and guests.

“One of the great things that I appreciate about Sid,” Cash added in closing his introduction, “is that he is a great storyteller. In ministry, telling stories is how we get to know Jesus…”

By his own accounting, Roth’s supernatural quest began when he was but a boy, left alone one day. He told his audience that he had one of those moments that only a child in all of their innocence can really know. He asked of himself, “What happens when I die? What does it feel like? Do I cease to exist? If I cease to exist, then why did I live?”

It would not be for many years later when his curiosity about what he describes as “the supernatural” really launched in earnest. Today, Roth is a leading advocate for people of the traditional Jewish faith to embrace Christianity via his online presence and television broadcasts. He is also a seasonal resident of Blowing Rock.



Here is a complete (unedited) podcast of Tuesday morning’s Men’s Connection program, including Sid Roth’s presentation.

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