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OUT & ABOUT: Mid-Autumn at Blowing Rock’s Bass Lake

By David Rogers. October 14, 2020. BLOWING ROCK — Stripped from their hosts by recent howling winds and pelting rain, a good many of the autumn season’s colorful leaves adorned the ground around Bass Lake on Tuesday.

Even still, a bright sunlit — but crisply comfortable — day beckoned residents and visitors alike to one of the area’s most iconic features.  For the most part, quiet waters reflected the lingering colors of autumn still residing in the trees above. In other places, the reflections were darker, perhaps a harbinger of Halloween yet to come and the cold starkness of wintertime that will follow.

Bass Lake’s parking lots were full on Tuesday. It was catch as catch can when it came to parking spaces and many folks were “creative” with their parking imaginations. Couples young and a little bit older than young strolled around the lake, hand in hand, reflecting on their day, their week, and on those they care about.

One young couple walked slowly, one behind the other, both with their eyes fixed to the flickering screens of smartphones. When a bystander told them, “That almost defeats the purpose of being out here in this beautiful and tranquil spot,” the young man replied, “Well, work is blowing up.” The young woman added, “We are supposed to be on vacation,” just before she looked back at her screen, fingers flying across what surely was a keyboard.

A woman obviously charged with the care of three small children pushed a double stroller while the oldest toddled alongside. When she stopped, they scrambled out and all headed for a nearby hillside. By some unspoken agreement, THAT was the best place to play for awhile.

As always, the southwest corner of Bass Lake was still enchanting. There were the tree colors reflecting off the still water, to be sure. But then there was the massive layer of lily pads and all the wonder of the organisms that might be active underneath.


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