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Now THAT Is An Expensive Tylenol!

By David Rogers. July 24. 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Let’s just say that Watauga County Sheriff’s deputies had an unusual day on Sunday, at least as reflected in Sheriff Len Hagaman’s day shift report.

  • Where’s Patrick Swayze when you need him? After responding to a call to Hawks Peak Lane about an injured fox, the deputy reported that the fox “…had already given up the ghost.”
  • But I Insist.  Responding to a domestic dispute, deputies were told by a male that his girlfriend had punched him in the face. The girlfriend said the boyfriend slapped her in the face.  A medic unit was called for the boyfriend, who stated that he was in pain and needed a Tylenol. Arriving medics advised him that he did not require medical attention, that he may have some “redness” but they couldn’t treat redness.  He asked for some Tylenol, but the medics advised him that they couldn’t issue meds unless a patient is being transported (to Watauga Medical Center). “Then take me to the Emergency Room,” he told them. “I need a Tylenol and I need to be checked out by doctors.” He was told by the medics that it would be the most expensive Tylenol he ever had, but granted his wish. Both subjects were referred to the magistrate.
  • Tags Stolen. A caller to dispatch reported that his car tag was stolen at his apartment on Highway 105 South. He stated that others in the complex had been taken, too, but he thinks the other victims are yet unaware of their losses.
  • Speaking In Tongues. Someone called to say that a male came to her house demanding water and said he was dying. He left toward U.S. 421 South where Communications received multiple calls (about him). Sheriff’s deputies found him at Hardin Rd. and were told by him that he was dying of thirst and heat exhaustion. He was given water, and Medics were called to check him out. Deputies said he was also preaching about Numbers and “talking out of his head.” The Medics concluded that he was physically fine and answered all of their psychological questions correctly. The subject male stated that he was dropped off the night before at the Deep Gap Food Lion by the West Jefferson Police Department. He asked to be taken back to Ashe County and he was provided a ride to West Jefferson.
  • Truckin’.   A caller stated that a white female got out of a truck and asked the homeowner to use her phone. The homeowner/caller said she felt the woman was in distress, but said she got back in the truck and left toward U.S. 421 North. The caller said the truck was white or grey or silver, but couldn’t see the make or body style, nor the number of occupants.  The responding deputy “…was unable to locate the particular truck, however while en route passed about 15-18 different trucks matching that description.


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