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NIGHT SHIFT: Freshman Gets Wrong Indoctrination To College Life

By David Rogers. August 14, 2016. BOONE, NC — Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman didn’t have a lot to report Sunday from the weekend, but what was in his shift reports from WCSO, Appalachian State University Police and Appalachian Regional Healthcare Police had a little bit of everything.

At the university, a freshman male student got off on the wrong foot Friday night when a University Police officer found him walking down Rivers Street, severely intoxicated.  The officer reported that the student had urinated on himself and blew a breathalyzer reading of 0.25. He was transported by medics to Watauga Medical Center.

In another alcohol related incident, University Police issued a state citation to a car passenger for an open container, a mixed drink.  Separately, they seized a vehicle tag on a Department of Motor Vehicles pickup order.

On Saturday, a female student in Eggers Hall called to complain of stomach pain, described as possible food poisoning. When the medics arrived, the female student refused transport.

Other University Police calls involved underage consumption and open container violations, as well as drug violations. On a traffic stop for an unspecified equipment violation, further investigation revealed a male non-student passenger was in possession of an open container of alcohol in the passenger seat and a citation was issued. Separately, an investigation following response to a smoke alarm in Hoey Hall, identified as in Room 515, revealed that a male (juvenile) student had consumed marijuana and tried to cover up the odor with body spray, setting off the smoke alarm.

As for the Sheriff’s Office, an extra patrol request was made for an address on U.S. 421 North when a female stated that she thought someone was on her porch. A deputy was unsuccessful in locating the female. The property was checked periodically throughout the night, but did not locate anyone.

A registered sex offender in Avery County stopped by the Watauga Sheriff’s office to advise that he would be in the county until Sunday, staying at 265 Valley Hills Dr. in Vilas.


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