LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sugar Top in Blowing Rock, NC?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sugar Top in Blowing Rock, NC?
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By Dan Phillips. January 6, 2018.  BLOWING ROCK, NC — Please take the time to drive by the New Condo Project on the old hospital property.

Am I dreaming, or is that foundation wall taller than the old Blowing Rock Hospital roof line? Now picture that going up 30-40 feet off that wall to the roof line of the condos. 

We can all remember being able to see a portion of the hospital from Main Street. 

Here are the pressing questions. 

  1. Was a “balloon test” done before approval? If not, why not? For those who don’t know, a balloon test is where you run up a balloon to see what can be seen from different vantage points, i.e. U.S. 321, Main Street, Food Lion, Cone Estate etc. 
  2. Whose responsibility was it to verify this? 
  3. Who is currently going out there to make sure all the requirements are being met? Zoning department, zoning committee?

You can make the corrections during the process but not after. 

We have another project being proposed on Morningside asking for a Height variance. Will anyone do the Balloon Test on it? 

We need to wake up and smell the coffee.  The right kind of projects can help the community.   The Wrong kind can and will destroy the Village.  

Just like Sugar Top did to that entire area.


Dan Phillips 

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