I do! I do! I do! Carolina BalloonFest brings variety of colorful fun to the Piedmont

I do! I do! I do!  Carolina BalloonFest brings variety of colorful fun to the Piedmont
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By David Rogers. October 25, 2017. STATESVILLE, NC — At least one hot air balloon pilot got a headstart on Halloween over the weekend, but that was just a sampling of the colorful fun highlighting the Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville.

COVER IMAGE: Happy Halloween! All photographic images by David Scearce for Blowing Rock News


Wedding bells were ringing!

We didn’t get the names of the happy couple, but wedding bells were ringing — and kids’ faces were being painted, while jugglers and magicians captured imaginations.

Some of the thousands attending this year watched, fascinated, as the pilots fired up the flames that would fill and lift the gargantuan — some would say, “archaic”, but that is part of the fun! — modes of air travel.  Others simply sat back, cameras at the ready, to watch a moving canvas of colorful teardrops rise almost without a sound into the air, drifting away into the distance against a backdrop of blue skies and autumn leaves. The Carolina BalloonFest is one of those awe-inspiring events that bring smiles to the faces of all ages.  Music and food aplenty, along with informative and interactive exhibits (ever ride in a stagecoach?) mean plenty of entertainment and fun is just around the corner. Turn away for even a second and you will miss something.

Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light?

Beautiful autumn weather greeted this year’s Carolina BalloonFest. Saturday was sold out, while Friday and Sunday were teeming with spectators, too. Many ponied up for a ride while others watched the pilot competitions.

Dates for the 2018 Carolina BalloonFest have not yet been set, but there seems to be a pattern of the third weekend in October.  If you want something different, book a day in your calendar.



SLIDESHOW By David Scearce for Blowing Rock News

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