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Good leadership trumps short-term personal gains

By Don W. Hubble. February 22, 2020. BLOWING ROCK, NC — For everyone who supports the current policies and practices of the Executive Branch of our Country because there are one or two things which they gain, they should realize that this is really “false comfort.” Those “gains” might be it more money, right-to-life, attacks on our institutions, rough-tough language, or some other form of personal gain. Nonetheless, those gains are still false comfort.

About the Author: Don Hubble lives in Blowing Rock, although he spends much of the winter in Greenville, SC.  In his business career he was a senior executive in corporate America.  He has volunteered extensively in Blowing Rock, serving on the Chamber of Commerce Board, the Board of the Village Foundation, the Board of Blowing Rock Art & History Museum, and the Board of Blowing Rock Country Club.  He also served on the Planning Board for the Town of Blowing Rock.

Good leaders surround themselves with good people — and they listen and sincerely consider their input before taking action on important issues.

Poor leaders surround themselves with poor associates – either intentionally or because that is all that is left once the good and great ones leave. Poor leaders not only don’t listen but they don’t consider other, often more knowledgeable points of view. These leaders act impulsively and are proud of their “gut feelings” — even when that gut is contaminated.

Most organizations can survive having a poor leader, but not for long!

The list of great and good associates who are no longer in their positions of responsibility and authority in the executive branch of our country is lengthy. For those who want to make an easy comparison of the point being made, simply research the experience and
background of Joseph Maguire (the recently deposed Director of National Intelligence) to
Richard Grenell, the person President Trump announced as his replacement.

Most organizations can survive having a poor leader – but not for long! The longer a poor leader is in place, the greater the number of poor associates who are put in place. And these poor associates drive out the great and good people working for them and replace them with others like themselves as “like does beget like.”

A legacy is being built — and it ain’t a good one!

Over time, the organization is not only ineffective, it is chaotic. In some countries the lengthy tenure of a poor leader has led to, or is leading to, anarchy; in companies it
leads to bankruptcy.

Yes, false comfort can be tolerated for a while but it does not take very long to realize that maximizing comfort in one area, by definition, minimizes comfort in other areas. Too often, the “other areas” are far more important than the one area where false comfort exists.

When anyone ignores the long term while basking in the pleasures of the short term then they are piling up enormous amounts of debt – and not simply monetary debt. It isn’t only at the Pearly Gates where one’s life is reviewed and impacted!

For those willing to overlook what is happening to and in our country because of false comfort, they are in for a considerable amount of pain. If not for them, then for their children and grandchildren; a legacy is being built — and it ain’t a good one!

Don W. Hubble
February 22, 2020


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