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Fit For A Queen: Blowing Rock “Farmer’s Market” Opens For Season

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By David Rogers. May 25, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC – If it is good enough that the Queen of England will only eat it cuts of beef from this breed of cattle, then it is probably more than acceptable to most folks in the High Country.

COVER IMAGE: Scottish Highland beef products are featured by Highland Meadows Cattle Co. of Ashe County. All photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News

Highland Meadows Cattle Co. was just one of more than a dozen High Country vendors on a blustery Thursday afternoon for the opening of Blowing Rock’s Farmer’s Market, on Park Ave., between Main St. and Wallingford Rd. downtown.

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The breed is “Scottish Highland” and it is native to the Scottish highlands – and one of the oldest breeds of cattle known to man, according to Tim & Carolyn Miller, owner-operators of Highland Meadows Cattle Co. while speaking to Blowing Rock News and dishing out savory samples of brisket.

“We’re based in Lansing, in Ashe County,” Carolyn Miller explained. “We love Blowing Rock and the High Country and are excited to be a vendor here this year. This is an exceptional breed of cattle and the exclusive choice of the Queen of England.  Scottish Highland cattle are known to produce naturally lean and tender beef without hormones or growth stimulants. One of the unusual traits of Scottish Highland cattle is that even the females have horns!”

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Added Tim Miller, “With our beef, you know you are getting locally raised, locally processed beef from a small producer in Ashe County. Our cattle are raised on free-roaming pastures, not feedlots or what are known as concentrated animal feeding operations. We don’t use hormones or antibiotics and our cattle are not fed animal by-products. Our beef is USDA inspected, prepared and packaged in a USDA inspected facility, and dry-aged for a minimum of 17 days.”

A business project of the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce, Farmer’s Market is open every Thursday afternoon from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

“We are proud of the fact that we have three times the number of vendors this year,” noted Chamber CEO Charles Hardin. “It speaks to the importance of this particular market in the High Country and our collective commitment to high quality food and other agriculture-based products that are locally or regionally grown. They are fresh and they are really, really good.”

SLIDESHOW By David Rogers for Blowing Rock News


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