Even If The Devil Is In The Details, So Is The Story

Even If The Devil Is In The Details, So Is The Story
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By David Rogers. September 13, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Imagine exhuming a body from a cemetery in 1897 to investigate claims of death by foul play. Forget forensic science as we know it today. Don’t even think about the technology of “CSI: Miami.”

Especially when the protagonist of the story says she was told by a daughter’s ghost that her death was by murder, the investigation might even be by the illumination of a kerosene lantern on a cold, snowy night. A prosecutor responding to a demand for justice from a distraught mother because of what a ghost told her, well that might have raised some eyebrows around town.

These are the kinds of images conjured up by New York Times best-selling author Sharyn McCrumb in describing her new book, “The Unquiet Grave,” (2017, Atria Books, New York) at a book-signing on Wednesday at Blowing Rock Art & History Museum (BRAHM). The book was released on Tuesday (September 12, 2017) and the Blowing Rock signing was almost the first on her current tour to promote it.  The novel is based on old folklore about one of the most bizarre murder trials in American history, the story set in 19th century West Virginia.

If all BRAHM book signings are this stimulating, Blowing Rock and High Country residents and visitors won’t want to miss a single one.

Best known for her now “ballad” novels mostly set in the Appalachian region, the gravelly voiced McCrumb has written 13 of them, as well as three books with auto racing related themes.

Her presentation at BRAHM was deftly laced with humor, some of it self-deprecating. “I didn’t know a thing about NASCAR when I started to write about racing,” she deadpanned. “I thought Kurt Busch was the governor of Florida.”

Listening to McCrumb, you begin to understand the detail she brings to the craft of writing stories: meticulous research. As one audience member said admiringly of the author afterwards, “She is one of those experts on ‘combing.’  She has developed a skill and passion for searching through documents, sifting through census records and newspaper clippings to put together a certain believe-ability to her stories.”

McCrumb loves, she said, to find the truth of stories told in folklore, just as she did in previous titles like, “The Ballad of Tom Dooley,” and “The Ballad of Frankie Silver.”

“I want to get to the truth,” she observed. “The folklore about Zona and her ghost telling her mother that she had been murdered has it all wrong. I did the research.”

By all accounts, she did indeed do the research. And what might be the most amazing thing of all about this woman and her writing, she doesn’t just research the main characters, but all of the peripheral characters, too, in detail, because in their own way they are so much a part of Zona’s story.  Listen to her talk about the minutia of the supporting characters’ respective lives and you get the sense that they could be the subject of a next novel.

McCrumb told the audience gathered in the Alexander Community Room at BRAHM that she started her research for “The Unquiet Grave” in 2015.

FAIR WARNING: Don’t even begin to read McCrumb’s books — unless, of course, you plan to sit for a spell and be taken back to another place and another time, enthralled by her narrative.


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The next speaker at BRAHM is curator Jerald Melberg, in a presentation about the late artist Romare Bearden, Thursday, September 14, 2017, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The talk is in conjunction with the exhibit of Romare Bearden’s work, running from August 5, 2017 through November 11, 2017. CLICK HERE for more information.

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