Emerging Markets: Top Forming?

Emerging Markets: Top Forming?
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By David Rogers. May 7, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC —


If we take a longer-term view of the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF, we see divergences forming that suggest an intermediate-term “top” is near.  The bearish case is bolstered by a non-confirmation of our BRN Time Flex Study in this WEEKLY view (the indicator is not going to a new recent high to match price going to a new high).

Long-term support may have been etched out between 38 and 39, however, with horizontal resistance becoming horizontal support (dotted green line in price chart) when share prices broke up through those levels in mid-March, settled back, and now has gone to new recent highs.




The intermediate-term “soft” case is reinforced by divergences appearing in the DAILY chart, looking at price vs. On Balance Volume.  In the even shorter-term,  Friday’s big up day is a suggestion that EEM wants to go back to the highs.  BUT, even if it does, will there be enough for our BRN Time Flex Study to confirm the new price highs?


CONCLUSION: For the intermediate-term, we are growing cautious.  In our model portfolio we are looking to lighten our long positions, but will do nothing on the short side at this time.

This report is for information purposes only based on proprietary research performed by Blowing Rock News. Blowing Rock News  is NOT a registered investment advisor. No part of this report should be construed to be a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Such decisions should be made after consulting with your investment advisor or tax professional and consider an investor’s investment objectives, tolerance for risk, investment history, liquidity, and available resources, and tax implications, among other considerations.

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