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Tranquility Shattered: Unusual Series Of B&E’s Near Blowing Rock

By David Rogers. July 21, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Any perception that the High Country, much less Blowing Rock is safe from crime was shattered on Thursday with reports from Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman that six incidences of breaking and entering of unlocked vehicles had occurred, presumably in broad daylight even with cars parked in the driveways of houses on Rembrandt Dr., Center Court Dr., Sorrento Dr. and Bella Vista Dr.

Although outside of town limits, most of the addresses reported by the Sheriff as “hit” are either in or on the fringes of Blowing Rock Fire District, including in semi-private neighborhoods that are normally considered unlikely targets because they are harder to get in and out of.

While six total incidents were reported during Thursday’s day shift, Sheriff Hagaman held out the possibility of other incidences that had not yet been reported.

Many vehicles parked outside have garage door openers. All it takes is the push of a button from an unlocked car and the thief has full run of your house.

Hagaman said that the losses sustained were reported as relatively minor but, he said, “…any violation of your privacy and security is unnerving.”  He noted that in all cases the victims’ vehicles were unlocked. He urged residents to lock their cars and trucks and to remove any valuable items.

“Also note,” he added, “that many vehicles parked outside have garage door openers on the sun visor or elsewhere in the car or truck.  All the criminal has to do is push the button and it opens the garage door.  Suddenly the criminal has the entire run of your house and property.”

Unspoken by the Sheriff: a thief could steal your garage door opener and return at a time when your car is not in the driveway, open your garage door, and if no one is apparently home, similarly have access to valuables inside the house.

In other activity during the day on Thursday:

  • Sheriff’s deputies assisted Boone Police with a hit-and-run investigation on Will Isaacs Rd.
  • Transported an inmate from the Watauga Detention Center to Avery County Detention Center for “state holding,” for Avery-Mitchell Prison
  • Deputies responded to the area of Vanderpool Rd. and Tater Hill Rd. upon receiving a call from a woman claiming that her boyfriend was highly intoxicated and threatening to shoot her and her neighbor. She stated that he was “armed to the gill” with guns. Deputies found the man and placed him into custody for driving while intoxicated and possession of controlled substances. No firearms were located, but deputies reported that a lot of ammunition was found in the truck.
  • Service of civil and criminal papers were attempted

Night Shift Report from July 20 PM into July 21 AM

  • Dispatchers received a call of a suspicious male walking around, looking on his phone, and is believed to have been taking pictures of residences
  • A deputy checked on a suspicious male walking along Bamboo Rd. carrying a baseball bat. The individual stated that he carried the bat to protect himself from bears or other wild life that might attack him.
  • A call re: a trespasser at a residence. The caller stated that a man had been allowed to stay at the residence, “…but due to certain events had told him and two of his friends to leave. Once deputies arrived the homeowner again expressed that the guests were no longer welcome and told them to leave. The individuals left without any further incident.
  • Several traffic stops and extra patrols conducted

Appalachian State Police reported on Thursday that a camper had attempted to run away from a camp being held on campus. Officers located the camper and counselor outside of the library. The counselor advised officers that the individual was being asked to leave because of his behavior and the juvenile’s guardian was en route (6.5 hour drive) to pick him up in the conference room of the Police Department.



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