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BREAKING NEWS: Blowing Rock Town Manager resigns effective November 30

By David Rogers. October 15, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Blowing Rock News learned early this evening that Town Manager Ed Evans submitted a letter of resignation to each of the Blowing Rock Town Council members late this afternoon.

COVER IMAGE: Town Manager Ed Evans speaks at a Blowing Rock Town Council meeting in the spring of 2017. Photographic image by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News.

Just over a year and a half on the job, Evans’ tenure will come to an end amid what many consider to have been bewildering decisions by the Blowing Rock Board of Commissioners and obvious dysfunctional behavior by the body as a whole, as well as by individual members of the current Board.

Evans could not be reached for comment and his letter to the Board members does not offer a reason — only that his resignation is effective November 30th and that he is “retiring from local government service” on December 1st. It was not immediately clear if “local government service” meant just Blowing Rock, the High Country, or all government service on behalf of municipalities in all locales.

Evans’ decision does not come as a surprise to local residents and business owners who have watched the deteriorating functionality of the current Board of Commissioners.

Said one observer who asked to remain anonymous, “You are left to wonder when two top Town management positions become vacant within the span of about a month (referring to Evans’ resignation in addition to the recent retirement of Police Chief Tony Jones after only four years on the job). Is the current composition of the Board of Commissioners wearing thin?”

Another observer reacted to the news, “Ed Evans is a good man and an exceptionally professional public manager. He deserved better than what he walked into here in Blowing Rock.”


  1. It would have been nice for Ed to have had the opportunity to discuss this decision with his staff in person, rather than them reading about it online.

    • Well, Diana, if there is anyone to blame for that it is us for breaking the story overnight after we learned of it. It is a 24/7/365 digital world we live in, where some of what we previously called professional courtesies have fallen by the wayside. Please accept our apologies if you think we jumped the gun on reporting this.

      • David, I understand it’s a 24/7/365 digital world. What I’m saying is that someone who had that information had to give it to you before Ed had the opportunity to talk to his staff, and I think that is extremely disrespectful. But then, the whole situation is pretty distespectful, so I shouldn’t be surprised.


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