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BRCC Members Exhibit Creative Side

The event had been sold out for months, organizers explained to Blowing Rock News

By David Rogers. August 14, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — For more than a quarter century, members of Blowing Rock Country Club (BRCC) have been showing off their creative sides with an annual Art Show.  The 2016 edition did not disappoint with 23 member-artists exhibiting more than 80 pieces, ranging from oils, to watercolors, to pottery, to ink, to photography.

COVER IMAGE: “Cigar & Stiletto” by Len Capel — stunning, dramatic image leaves a lot to the imagination…

BRCC general manager Martha Watkins explained to Blowing Rock News, “There are only a few requirements for this show. Obviously, it has to be original work by a member, but it also has to have been done in the last year. With more than 80 pieces this year, that means our members have been busy!”

What are YOU looking at?

Suzanne Miller was the 2016 chair and did a superb job of preparing the Grand Ballroom for the exhibit, as well as decorating the tables in the various dining rooms: the Terrace Room, the Sunroom, and the Laurel Room — all sumptiously decorated.

Blowing Rock News was lucky enough to capture a few images. Not all, but many — and enough to understand the talent and creativity of BRCC members:

  • Peggy Carlson, Oil on Canvas
  • Carolyn Walker, Oil on Canvas
  • Ruth Jackson, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Jason McDaniel, Oil on Canvas
  • Brenda Councill, Oil on Canvas
  • Becky Wyatt, Watercolor
  • DSC_8457
    Even the dining tables were artistically decorated, with flair to boot!

    Cantey Tanner, Foundry Cast Bronze

  • Madlon Glenn, Oil
  • Vickie Beaver, Oil on Canvas, Stoneware Platter
  • Nancy Joyce, Oil on Canvas
  • Jo Rankin, Oil on Linen Canvas
  • Les Lincke, Photography
  • Ginny Peterson, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Len Capel, Watercolor on Paper
  • Carol Guyton, Misc.
  • Tom Gruber, Photography
  • Betty Lou Ward, Oil
  • George Snyder, Oil on Canvas
  • Celeste Holden Phillips, Oil on Canvas
  • Margaret Linkes, Acrylic, Eggs
  • Brent Moore, Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media
  • Greg Poole, Jr., Bowls and Vase
  • Alice Roess, Ink Drawing

SLIDESHOW by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News


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