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Blowing Rock’s Rumple Kicks Off VBS with a Bang and Many Smiles

By David Rogers. July 21, 2014. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Some three dozen kids and their parents stormed Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church on Sunday — after hours — in a fun-filled kickoff to the church's 2014 Vacation Bible School.  Theme: "Workshop of Wonders" (Acronym: "WOW").

ASC_1871Photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News

If Sunday evening's activities are any indication, WOW is a good indication of what the kids this year will be getting from their participation.  In addition to deepening their faith, they are going to learn a little bit of science, play some fun (and competitive) team-building games and, of course, do a fair share of singing.

ASC_1832-001Yesterday's kickoff party had a little bit of it all.  Music and choir director David McCollum — fresh from an adventurous trip to the United Kingdom where his daughter was a featured solo performer with a youth choir — led the group of children, parents and church members in an old fashioned "hymn sing."  It was a page-turning adventure all on its own, as the music director now in his 1st year at the helm of Rumple's vocal and instrumental programs skimmed quickly through "Rock of Ages," "All Creatures Great and Small," "Dance in the Morning," "Jesus Loves Me," "Be Still, My Soul," and others before ending the session with "I'll Fly Away" and "This Little Light of Mine."

From the Sanctuary, the group filed out onto the lawn for a science experiment managed by former teacher Lou Moore.  Most of the little people had already seen the demonstration of what happens when you drop a tube of Mentos into a 2-litre bottle of Coke, but a rare few of the "big kids" among the onlookers could admit to the privilege.  Watching Ms. Moore scoot out of the way quickly to avoid the "stickiness" of the explosion provided a memorable laugh for all.

ASC_1909Rumple's middle school and high school aged youth had the next part of the program — directing the kids in tug o' war competitions, sack races and three-legged races. There were big smiles aplenty and only a couple of bruised egos.

ASC_2005Then came the biggest moment of all — HOMEMADE ICE CREAM in the Fellowship Hall.  The parents and church elders learned a very valuable lesson: be careful in giving parent and still-mischievous-kid-at-heart Danny Kirkland ANY number of full cans of whipped cream! Forget putting it on your ice cream….just open wide!

Rumple's Vacation Bible School runs the rest of the week, Monday-Thursday,


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