Blowing Rock man, attraction featured Monday in Fox Business Network’s “Strange Inheritance”

Blowing Rock man, attraction featured Monday in Fox Business Network’s “Strange Inheritance”
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By David Rogers. January 19, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — What legendary movie star John Wayne tried to buy with a boatload of money, Jerry Williams “purchased” with love. And now that “what” is in Blowing Rock and will receive national attention on Monday when a new episode of Strange Inheritance airs at 9:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time on Fox Business Network.

COVER IMAGE: Jamie Colby of Fox Business Network and host of Strange Inheritance television series looks over the Mullins arrowhead collection at Mystery Hill in Blowing Rock. All photos courtesy of Fox Business Network.

For over 50 years, Randy “Moon” and Irene Mullins scoured the continent for Native American arrowheads. They found and collected them — some 250,000 in all — in some 20 U.S. states before it became illegal to collect cultural artifacts.

I love Blowing Rock. It is magical.

It was a labor of love. Some people collect stamps or coins. Others collect baseball cards or accumulate valuable art collections.  Oil cans, road signs, salt shakers, samplers, cake plates, primitive baskets, Depression glass, typewriters, hand mirrors, travel tags, ceramic bluebirds, even preppy sweaters. You name it, somebody is probably collecting it — usually for more sentimental than economic reasons.

When “Moon” Mullins died in 1987, he left the entire arrowhead collection to his friend and caregiver in his final days, Jerry Williams.

Strange Inheritance host Jamie Colby, who was interviewed by Blowing Rock News on Friday, reports that Williams still gets emotional about the gift he chose not to sell, but to keep intact as a collection to be viewed by the public at Blowing Rock-based attraction and museum, Mystery Hill.

He wanted to keep the collection intact.

“I love Blowing Rock,” Colby told Blowing Rock News on Friday from her office in New York via a telephone interview. “It is a magical place…And for Wayne Underwood at Mystery Hill to provide Jerry with a venue for his collection is just really special.  It is a way to keep the collection all together, which is as important to Jerry as it was for the Mullins’, and provides a measure of financial support, too.”

Underwood, it turns out, was also a friend of Mullins’ and has had a long held interest in adding the collection to his museum.  Although some estimates of the collection’s value if sold off piecemeal exceed $1 million, in order to keep Moon and Irene Mullins’ lifework together, Williams agreed to sell the entire collection to Underwood and Mystery Hill for $300,000.  Underwood didn’t have the cash, according to a Fox Business Network website post, but fashioned a business arrangement where Williams would get $1 of every ticket sold for admission to Mystery Hill. When the total given to Williams reached $300,000, then Underwood and Mystery Hill would own the collection AND continue to pay Williams $1 per ticket sold for the rest of his life.  The Fox Business Network account reports that Williams and his wife have received more than $400,000 so far.

Williams’ arrowhead-focused Strange Inheritance episode airs Monday, January 22, 9:00 pm, on Fox Business Network (Channel 793 on Spectrum).  It is the fourth new episode for the new series season, which is now in its fourth year.  Colby noted, “Strange Inheritance has been one of the highest rated series on the network right from the start.”

Two new, 30-minute episodes air in the 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm time slots each Monday evening, but previous episodes air five nights a week.

The second new episode airing Monday night, in the 9:30 pm slot, Colby reported to Blowing Rock News, is about “The Houdini Jewel,” a jewel-encrusted brooch that once belonged to Harry Houdini and his wife, Bess. Colby said she will also reveal who the mystery buyer of the brooch was.

Anyone thinking they have a “strange inheritance” story to tell may contact Colby by email:

Below is the trailer for Monday night’s episode.

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