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Blowing Rock, High Country responding to Hurricane Florence’s coastal devastation

Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor is submitted by Sheri Furman of Take Heart, Blowing Rock. Beyond the information in this letter, additional information may be obtained by contacting Ms. Furman by email at takeheartnc@aol.com; 828-295-3444 (store) or 828-729-8424 mobile

Hope Rising!

The storms in life will always find us. Last September the storms came, much like the ones that just passed by. Project Hope was formed and our community rose up with compassion and determination and filled up a tractor trailer that was delivered to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Lake Charles Louisiana. Once there, HOPE was delivered to one of the hardest struck areas. Though we did not know their names, nor had we ever seen their faces, we determined in our hearts that those seeking restoration for their lives would not be forgotten by the Blowing Rock Community.

We now are presented with the invitation to do this again for those in our own state. Some are our family members, our friends and our customers. It is not that we are just the High Country. We are a community that not only helps our own but we extend our hearts and our hands to help strengthen those around us.

There will be a truck parked in front of the Blowing Rock Market. Project Hope returns, “Caring for the Coast.” We invite you to do as you have done in the past. Be a part of rendering HOPE. Be a part of helping another rebuild their lives and their livelihood. The devastation was great, but love is greater.

For all those who gave last year, there are truly no words to express the strength and encouragement you brought to so many. A trip to Lake Charles in early January allowed us to meet face to face with some of the lives who were truly changed. What you had given was stewarded with integrity. Thank you to the local restaurants who turned around their own trailers filled with provision to fill up our truck, the businesses who wrote checks and provided banners, our school children who created cleaning buckets and scripted hand written letters, the friends who purchased bags of groceries when they picked up their own, the tractor trailer that was provided for free, and to all of you who came and with humility of heart and left behind gifts when no one was looking.

Though we remained mostly untouched by Hurricane Florence, the elderly, the children, our troops who protect us and other communities were devastated. Again, we will rise and send out Hope from the High Country. We invite you to join our efforts and we thank you for sharing your hearts.

A truck will be placed at the Blowing Rock Market by the end of the week. Please consider giving water, canned goods, baby items, pet supplies, personal hygiene items, first aid kits and cleaning supplies. If you are unable to give tangibly, please consider giving of your time and your prayers.

Many people sought respite in Blowing Rock during Hurricane Florence, and we have heard many firsthand stories of the devastation and pain that our coastal communities are enduring. We in the Blowing Rock community have been blessed with so much, and we urge you to join us in lending a hand to our neighbors. The smallest effort, when done in love and compassion, will result in bringing hope to our friends at the coast.

We thank you,
The Project: HOPE Team


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