BALLARD: Bipartisan Voter ID implementation upheld over Governor veto

BALLARD: Bipartisan Voter ID implementation upheld over Governor veto
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SPECIAL REPORT. December 20, 2018. RALEIGH, NC — In bipartisan votes this week, the North Carolina House and Senate voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of voter ID legislation, delivering on the mandate issued by voters when they passed a constitutional amendment this year requiring voter ID.

“You spoke, you decided, and we acted. I voted for a bipartisan Voter ID implementation bill which allows voters to use a range of IDs,” said Senator Deanna Ballard. “I’m happy to have voted for it a second time to carry out the will of the people and override Governor Cooper’s veto of this commonsense legislation.”

The constitutional amendment to require voter ID passed with more than 55% of the vote statewide and over 65% in Senate District 45, and the General Assembly has crafted bipartisan legislation that will secure elections while making it simple, easy, and free to obtain a photo ID for those legally eligible to vote. North Carolina now joins 34 other states, including every other state in the southeast, in protecting the integrity of their elections with a voter ID requirement.

The legislation allows for 15 different acceptable forms of ID and provides exemptions for those with religious objections, victims of natural disasters, and other reasonable impediments. In his veto message, Gov. Cooper incorrectly stated that this legislation does nothing to address the absentee ballot issues that have recently come to light due to questionable activities that appear to implicate candidates from both parties over multiple election cycles. However, this bill directly addresses ballot harvesting with an amendment to require voter ID for mail-in ballots that was proposed by a Democratic House member and approved by a vote of 106-1.

The legislation becomes law effective immediately.

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