Baby, it’s cold outside — and so much fun with Winterfest

Baby, it’s cold outside — and so much fun with Winterfest
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By Christina Beals. January 30, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Some people just don’t have sense enough to come in, out of the cold.  Then again, other folks take delight and thrive when temperatures are below freezing — and Blowing Rock’s Winterfest is a celebration of the latter.

Charlotte-based business Artisan Ice Sculptures captured the attention of countless passers-by in Memorial Park on Saturday with their mesmerizing and often intricate ice artistry.

One member was working on a small, thick Christmas tree, using what looked like a small, electronic carving instrument to accomplish smooth sides and sharp edges. A couple of the other artists crafted a large, circular Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce logo design. The intricacy of the words and mountainous design etched into the ice sculpture could fool anyone into thinking it was simply written on, versus carved out of ice.

The surrounding air was thick and foggy, but it certainly did not deter Winterfest guests from appreciating the complexity, even intricacy of the frozen art.

New Winterfest Feature 

A short distance away in another section of the park, a father and daughter held hands as they glided around a synthetic ice skating rink.  Outdoor ice skating was a new feature of this year’s Winterfest and proved very popular. The venue was open from 10 am to 8 pm every day of WinterFest. Thought the ice was synthetic, skater still wore normal ice skates.

Well, every once in awhile we had to get in, out of the cold!

The setting was perfection. Barely hanging over the ice rink, a large tree stood out starkly from the surrounding foggy abyss, adding to the “winter wonderland” ambience.

Based on how many families took advantage of the ice skating activity this year, even in the fog and drizzle that enveloped the village, ice skating is a near sure bet to return in the future.

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