Another Martian landing, or another hit and run in the dark of night?

Another Martian landing, or another hit and run in the dark of night?
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By David Rogers. September 2, 2018. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Evidence of a calamity glares at Green Hill Circle residents every time they turn east, up the entrance to their neighborhood from Green Hill Rd.

COVER IMAGE: Insignificant except perhaps to the folks living in the Green Hill Circle neighborhood, but one of the iconic entryway stone columns now lies in ruin. Photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News.

Just as with the guardrail on U.S. 321 that saw 80-something feet peeled back and buckled like holiday ribbon, on August 21st, no one knows what happened to the now crumbling stone and brick column on the right side of the entrance. It now lies in the asphalt gutter, broken and collapsed.

Even the iconic sign is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it was saved by a neighborhood resident who has yet to make it known, but possibly it is now in the possession of a souvenir taker, maybe even the party responsible for knocking the entry column to smithereens.

Beyond the column destruction, of interest are the fresh markings on the pavement just below the opposite side column. Clearly the bottom of SOMETHING dug into the asphalt, chipping away, while rubber from spinning tires offers evidence of someone “stuck” on the sharp corner where the presumed culprits could not make the turn. Of course, the column, the chipped asphalt, and the burnt rubber may not be connected, but it all seems too coincidental for them not to be.

There is a larger mystery, too, with an unknown answer that might well predate any of the residents now living in the Green Hill Circle neighborhood.  According to Blowing Rock Police Captain Aaron Miller in speaking with Blowing Rock News on Tuesday, nobody seems to know who the actual victim is. That is, no one knows who actually owns the entry columns. There is no property owners association and the Town of Blowing Rock does not own it. It is doubtful that there is any kind of insurance, other than perhaps the deep pockets of neighborhood residents.

Evidently, no one saw or heard what happened and those responsible for the damage have not come forward to take responsibility. Then again, as with the guardrail on U.S. 321, if it was a Martian landing gone awry, the aliens might not have known they had done anything wrong.

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