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“Alone With God”: Video & Recording Features Ruff Photography, Rogers Vocals

By D.X.D. Hall. August 17, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Featuring stunning time lapse photography produced by Jim Ruff and a cappella vocals by David Rogers (Editor of Blowing Rock News), the pair released online access to “Alone With God” on Thursday.


COVER IMAGE: “UnDEERE The Heavens” was captured one evening at Thunder Hill and a time lapse series of related images is included early in the video.

Jim Ruff photography is featured at his “Beyond The Sunrise” website, www.jimruff.com.

The video featuring Ruff’s time-lapse photography of High Country landscapes was first played at a Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church worship service in early June, with Rogers standing at the back of the sanctuary singing verses of “How Great Thou Art” and “This Is My Father’s World”, both synchronized with the timing of the video. Fellow Rumple member Tim Harris served as recording engineer for the video made available to readers below.

Ruff, a former engineer with John Deere & Co. and then on the faculty at North Carolina State University before retirement, has traveled the world with his passion for digital photography, including sojourns to South America, Iceland, and all across the United States.

I love nature and the great outdoors and use photography to capture and share the beauty of our world with others.

“I’m retired from a successful engineering career in both industry and academia,” Ruff reported to Blowing Rock News on Thursday. “Most of my career was in diesel engine and off-road vehicle development and management at John Deere. I also served on the engineering faculty at Texas A&M University and as an engineering department head at North Carolina State University. Being a farm boy, I love nature and the great outdoors and use photography to capture and share the beauty of our world with others.

“I enjoy both the artistic and technical challenges required to transform nature’s glory into stunning 2D images,” the full-time Blowing Rock resident added. “Subject matter, location, lighting and composition are key ingredients in photography. I strive for uniqueness in at least three of these elements in my images even if it means pre-dawn hikes to mountain vistas or persevering storms to catch that magic combination of light and weather. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as Europe and the Mideast. ”

Before launching Blowing Rock News in 2010 and starting a second career in community journalism, Rogers spent 38 years in the financial services industry, principally in institutional equity research. He focused on bringing small cap and micro cap companies with “structural change” or disruptive technologies to the attention of his institutional customers, who were among the largest and most successful money management firms in the world.

“If you owned a mutual fund,” Rogers noted, “there is a good chance you owned at least a few of my ideas. In that role as research professional, I was telling stories about these exciting new developments and their investment merits that would change the way we live and do business. Things like GPS just before it went commercial, compound semiconductor technology, esoteric medical testing that today is commonplace, computerized blood screening, a totally artificial human heart, waste remediation from concentrated animal feeding operations, and so much more. It was really very interesting. I got to meet a lot of interesting and innovative people and, in the process, got much better at telling a story.”

Rogers says that singing a cappella is a relatively new undertaking.

“Before I moved to the High Country in 2000,” he explained, “the last time I had really formally sung in any kind of organized way was as a freshman in high school (1965), back in my hometown of Bakersfield, California.  I took it up again in going with my wife to Friendship United Methodist Church (between Boone and Blowing Rock) in 2003, then at the invitation of Evalyn Sudderth who was then the director of the Rumple choir. Along the way I found out that the father I never knew was a country-western singer-songwriter in West Texas. After he retired from his corporate job, he traveled the Southwest U.S. performing in honky-tonks, bars and rec halls under the name, ‘Old Saddlebags.’ So I guess music is in my DNA to some extent.”

In addition to singing in the Rumple sanctuary choir and offering the occasional solo, he entertained the Blowing Rock Fashion Show a year ago and last fall began performing the Star Spangled Banner before Appalachian State and Watauga High School games in women’s soccer, as well as men’s and women’s basketball.

Alone with God from Jim Ruff on Vimeo.



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