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Suicidal Female Keeps Watauga Sheriff’s Deputies Busy

By David Rogers. May 19, 2016. BOONE, NC — Both Watauga and Avery County deputies responded to a reported suicidal female on Thursday and the Avery officers found her. Then Watauga deputies were asked to respond again when she jumped out of moving vehicle in an attempt to harm herself, noted Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman’s “shift report” for the day.

There was no indication as to what vehicle the woman jumped from, but the report states that she was first transported to Watauga Medical Center with traumatic injuries, then later to Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.

Other Watauga County Sheriff’s Deputies responses on May 19th:

  • A female reported that she had lost her wallet in town (Boone)
  • A claim of harassment: one woman claimed that another tried to run her off the road while she was attempting to get home. The report notes, “…this has been an ongoing issue between…” (the women) …”for the last two weeks.”
  • Deputy received a call in reference to fraud.
  • Deputy received a call referencing narcotics information
  • Deputies responded to a fight in progress. “Upon arrival the suspect…had left the residence prior to our arrival. Female caller stated her brother pulled her hair and pushed her and her 77 year old mother on the ground. The argument started over a pickup truck that Mr. N had co-signed with Ms. B’s son and accused him of smoking in the vehicle and that is what “set him off.”

Shift report from May 18th:

  • Deputies responded in reference to a suicidal female. Upon arrival, the deputies discovered that the female made vague threats to her father during an argument.
  • Deputties responded in reference to a (domestic dispute) between mother and daughter. Juvenile female was mad at her mother because she could not find her eyeliner, then hit her mother in her right arm. The female stated to deputies that she believes she is bi-polar and wants help. The female juvenile was transported by Watauga County Sheriff’s deputies to Watauga Medical Center, voluntarily, to speak with “crisis”
  • Deputies responded to a residence on U.S. 421 about a trespasser. “The female caller stated that another female keeps coming around to see her son and she doesn’t want her on the property.
  • A deputy went to a residence in reference to locating a runaway juvenile, but was unable to locate anyone at the residence.
  • Deputy responded to a location on Hwy. 194 North in reference to an assault. The “subject stated that a guy came at him with a shovel, he did not know the subject and just wanted to make LEO (law enforcement officer) aware.”
  • Deputies responded to a location on U.S. Hwy. 221 South in reference to a missing female juvenile (from an earlier report). “Deputies did locate the juvenile with her boyfriend, she was taken to juvenile justice to speak with (TE). The juvenile was then transported to DSS to speak with (JS) about getting different living arrangements and have a meeting with her mother.
  • Deputy responded to an apartment on Old East King St. in reference to a juvenile problem at the request of DSS.
  • Deputy responded to a residence in reference to a child custody issue.
  • Deputies responded to a residence in reference to a (domestic dispute).  While en route deputies were told that a male subject at the residence was destroying property and trying to assault (the caller). “Upon arrival the male subject was on the back deck of the residence and appeared to be OK, the mother of the male subject stated that she would take him away from the residence. No assault had occurred.”
    • Deputies later responded back to the residence, that the male subject was again destroying things inside the residence. When deputies arrived the male subject and his mother were already gone from the scene.


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