Shaping Your Future: Tempering Honesty With Humility

Shaping Your Future: Tempering Honesty With Humility
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Special Report to Blowing Rock News from Jared Nichols. December 12, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — I know more than a few family gatherings this holiday season will be tense and uncomfortable, perhaps even confrontational. If a single word could sum up the climate of our country at this time, I believe that word would be “reactionary”. There is a deep political division, a chasm that few, if any, can bridge just yet. But the division goes beyond politics, there is a basic disconnect between those who hold power and those who feel disenfranchised or forgotten. This problem transcends political parties and permeates both our major cities and our rural areas.

…Rarely does this require stoking the fires of political division.

However, reactionary responses to these challenges are the least helpful. At best, they have little impact. At worst, they are destructive to their cause. It’s at times like these that we most need to keep (or regain) clear and cool heads.

In the practice of strategic foresight, you must always strive to be proactive, rather than reactive. This requires keeping a clear picture of the future you would like to see in mind, and acting in a conscious and intentional way to create that future. Rarely, does this require stoking the fires of political division. This holiday, my goal is to speak openly, honestly, but most of all, humbly. We each have a great deal to learn and a difficult road ahead of us. We would all be doing ourselves a favor if we undertook this journey together.


Jared Nichols is a deep futures strategist, executive advisor, speaker, and coach. He provides the tools to help leaders and organizations gain competitive advantage, seize new market opportunities, drive in new revenue, and increase profits. As one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters Degree in Strategic Foresight, Jared is sought out by leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs to help them identify and create their long-term successful future.

Jared’s insight and expertise is utilized across a wide variety of sectors and industries from Fortune 500 companies to government municipalities, entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as some of his most recent work in Hollywood with accomplished actors, writers, and producers, helping them reinvent themselves and discover new areas for growth both inside and outside the bounds of their industry. Jared also sits on the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association with a focus on equipping SME’s with the ability to anticipate change and influence public policy in favor of small business growth. As a highly prolific author, Jared has published over 50 articles and is the author of Rethinking Your Next Quarter (Century): How to Create Continuous Growth and Ensure Future Relevance, Rethinking ReinventionLeading the 21st Century: The CEO’s Guide to Thriving in a Volatile and Uncertain Future, and Four Futures for the 21st Century Non-Profit. Jared is also a musician, composer, competitive cyclist, and trail runner living in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and their two sons.

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