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By David Rogers. September 20, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Here we are in the final phase of the Blowing Rock Community Foundation’s “Community Service Days,” or otherwise known as “Community Foundation Days,” with two more performances of “Groovy Nights” tonight and Friday night.

As we wind down “the season,” in fact, it is important that we give pause and express our profound appreciation to the members of Blowing Rock Country Club, collectively and individually, for their support of Blowing Rock Community Foundation’s mission to put college scholarships in the hands of deserving Blowing Rock area students, as well as to provide grants to a select number of the non-profit agencies that serve our community.

The Blowing Rock Community Foundation was formed in 1985, and it was just four years later, in 1989, that the vast majority of Blowing Rock Country Club members “adopted” the Foundation’s mission to support, providing — actually, donating — the use of BRCC venues for fundraising events such as golf and tennis tournaments, as well as other club facilities for later events that would come along, such as the always popular “Groovy Nights,” now in its 8th year.

Many of today’s BRCC members may not have been a part of the original pact to support the Foundation in 1989, but they continue with their generosity nonetheless. That, especially, deserves a big Blowing Rock “thank-you.”

But the BRCC members have done even more than provide facilities to use as a platform for fundraising which, by the way, takes a wee bit of time out of the summer and fall season when those members might otherwise take advantage of their respective club membership privileges to play a round or get in a match.

In addition to donating facilities, they have also opened up their wallets and supported those very special events and the equally special causes they support.   It may seem incongruous that a member of BRCC would pay extra for a fundraising tournament for the use of his or her own golf course, for example, but time and again the BRCC members have stepped up and supported these events.

Now think about it: In the past 27 years since BRCC members adopted the Foundation mission as their own and supported its events and activities with enthusiasm, the composition of the membership rolls at the country club have undoubtedly changed, significantly. Many of today’s members were not a part of the original pact with the Foundation, but they continue to support the Blowing Rock community in this very important way, by supporting Foundation events.

Those college graduates become de facto ambassadors of Blowing Rock, of the High Country, and of Blowing Rock Country Club.

Some of those college graduates come back to Blowing Rock as teachers and business owners, or provide valuable professional services as an accountant or lawyer.  Through the tireless work of the Blowing Rock Community Foundation, the college graduates made possible by the BRCC’s largesse become tomorrow’s decision makers in the region. Even if they elect to find jobs in other parts of North Carolina, the Southeast or elsewhere in the United States, they become de facto ambassadors of Blowing Rock, the High Country, and even of Blowing Rock Country Club.

In the last couple of years, BRCC members crafted another scholarship program to benefit club employees attending Appalachian State University. It’s a win for the student employee, a win for Appalachian State, and a win for Blowing Rock Country Club because of the continuity it encourages among the staff.   That program, in conjunction with the Foundation-funded scholarships and grants, underlines the point that the BRCC members have their values clearly aligned with the needs of the town and the region that most call their “second home.”

So as we enjoy these last couple of  “Groovy Nights” shows at Blowing Rock Country Club, let’s take a moment to offer a simple “thank-you” to any BRCC member you might meet. Thank them for the Foundation’s use of their facilities and thank them for their personal monetary and moral support of the Foundation’s work regardless of whether they were around in 1989 to first make that commitment.

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