REVIEW: Among The Best “Groovy Nights” Ever, #9 Brings Down The House

REVIEW: Among The Best “Groovy Nights” Ever, #9 Brings Down The House
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By David Rogers. August 28, 2017. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Besides the fact that nine years of “Groovy Nights” has helped the Blowing Rock Community Foundation fund more than $1 million in area non-profit grants and scholarships to college-bound high school graduates living in the Blowing Rock School District, there is the fun and creativity perhaps unmatched — anywhere. And the 2017 edition of Groovy Nights is a prime example.

COVER IMAGE: You ain’t heard opera until you have listened to — or is that witnessed? — “Florence Jenkins”.  All photographic images by David Rogers for Blowing Rock News

“John Prine” gives a little lovin’

With a show as high energy as the 2017 edition of one of Blowing Rock’s most popular events, “still” pictures cannot do it justice. But then, to publish video would steal away the surprises of the live performances, and that would be unfair to the show, the performers and the audience.

Local residents only have one more chance to catch one of the best “Groovy Nights” ensembles to hit the Blowing Rock Country Club stage. In a late afternoon interview with Blowing Rock News on Monday, event chair Sandy Miller said, “We are now one year short of a decade. When we first came up with this idea nine years ago, I don’t think anyone thought it would be this successful, go this long, nor be this much fun.”

“Gladys Knight & The Pips” are hearin’ it thru the grapevine…

There’s a tinge of romance, a little bit of raunch, a sprinkling of dance fever, and a whole lot of comedy built into the 2017 lip-synching skits of “Groovy Nights.” Adele has a “Titanic” moment. Rose Royce gets down at the car wash. Florence Jenkins brings operatic “culture” to Blowing Rock. “Groovy Nights 9” is filled with fun — and the Tuesday night’s audience whoopin’ and hollerin’ in all the right places just drives that point home.

The last performance of “Groovy Nights 9” is Friday, 7:30 pm, at Blowing Rock Country Club.

Tickets ($35 per person) may be purchased by calling Sandy Miller at 828-295-3048, or by calling Blowing Rock Country Club at 828-295-3171.

To register and pay online, CLICK HERE.

For more information about Community Foundation Days 2017, please CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, here is a taste of the spectacle that is “Groovy Nights 9.” You to go to understand the context of the images!

SLIDESHOW By David Rogers for Blowing Rock News

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