NOT A GOOD IDEA: Blowing Rock Police Chief Warns of Adverse Consequences

NOT A GOOD IDEA: Blowing Rock Police Chief Warns of Adverse Consequences
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By David Rogers. July 6, 2015. BLOWING ROCK, NC — Blowing Rock Police Chief Tony Jones warned High Country residents against the purchase and use of new mobile telephone cases that look like handguns.

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Jones distributed excerpts from an article at the PoliceOne website, which quoted the prosecutor’s office of New Jersey’s Orange County in saying, “A police officer’s job is hard enough without having to make a split-second decision in the dark of night when someone decides, without thinking, to pull this out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation.”

New York Police Department’s 112th Precinct tweeted, “I would NOT suggest purchasing this cell phone case, which was designed to look like a firearm.”

According to the website, the president of New York’s largest police union, Patrick Lynch, predicted to New York Daily News that the product would lead to dangerous situations for both officers and citizens.

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“The money that is earned from the sale of this case is blood money earned from the blood of the person who is foolish enough to carry it,” Lynch told the New York Daily News.

Blowing Rock’s Chief Jones told Blowing Rock News, “This is a very bad idea. I have been a law enforcement officer for more than 26 years and have been around firearms my entire life. If I saw this I would believe it was a real handgun and act accordingly. This product will get someone killed. Do not purchase this product.”

In researching this story, Blowing Rock News discovered that several variations of “handgun” mobile phone cases are being manufactured.

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