FREE & FUN: NFL Playoffs “Pick The Winners” Contest

FREE & FUN: NFL Playoffs “Pick The Winners” Contest
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By David Rogers. January 2, 2016. BLOWING ROCK, NC — OK, all of you armchair quarterbacks. It’s NFL Playoff time and Blowing Rock News is giving you a chance to have some fun by making ALL of the playoff games mean something to you!

The NFL Playoffs “Pick the Winners” Contest is open to anyone.  It’s FREE to play. There will be no cash prizes, but we will have prize packages consisting of gifts from sponsors. (Those are being rounded up now, so we’ll have more information later. Think dinner for two, gift certificates, etc. etc.

In this contest (independently administered by, you score points for picking the winner of each game AND you get points by predicting the total number of points scored in each game. The closer you get to guessing the combined number of points scored in a game, the more points you are awarded — whether your the team you picked wins or loses.  Here is how the scoring breaks down:

  • Pick a winner = 25 points
  • For each game, guess the total points scored (it doesn’t matter whether the team you picked wins or loses).
    • The MAXIMUM number of bonus points you can earn for each game 25.
    • Subtract 1 bonus point from 25 for each point your prediction is different than the final score.
    • For example, if Oakland and Houston combine to score 47 points
      • Example 1: You guessed that their total would be 53 points, that is a difference of 6, so we deduct 6 from 25. You are awarded 19 bonus points. If you picked the winner, too, then you would earn a total of 44 points (25 for the winner and 19 for points scored) toward your ranking.
      • Example 2: If you thought it was going to be a low-scoring dogfight and you guessed 22 points would be the total, then that is a difference of 25 points (47-22), so you would get just 1 point.  Let’s say you picked Houston, but Oakland won, then you would only get a total of 1 point for this game.
      • Example 3: If you figured it would be a high scoring shootout and guessed 67, then you were “off” by 20, so you are awarded 5 points. If you picked Houston and Houston won, then you would get a total of 30 points. (25+5).

Got it? In other words, it is mathematically possible (though not likely) to do very well in the rankings by having all of your picks lose, but you nail the total points scored. Get all the winners AND be good at picking the point totals and you earn bragging rights (and maybe a prize or two) for a year!

How to play:


  • Click on “Join an Existing Pool” (in the center of the gray navigation bar)
  • Enter the Pool ID: 66488
  • Password to join: blowingrocknews

It should be pretty intuitive from there.  You must have your picks in before each week’s first game. Otherwise, you will get zero points and fall way down in the standings!


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